Design Drawings

Design Drawings/illustrations can be defined as the drawings that show the appearance, ornamental design or say the unique exterior look of a functional item. The main purpose of including drawings in a design patent application is better understanding of the design, appearance and the aesthetics of the invention. Digital Suntech is best choice for patent design drawings services

The Design Patent application is a drawing disclosure which is usually filed for inventions to protect their ornamental and structural appearance as it may appear to the eye of the common consumer. In a design patent application , the drawing/illustrations are themselves the claims, which means, it is the illustration’s job to define the novel design of the invention visually and precisely. For a hassle free design patent filing, the drawings must be consistent from view to view and should be able to communicate even the most subtle nuances in appearance and form. Black ink on white paper is he standard for design patent drawings.

At Digital Suntech we provide Design illustration services. Our services are powered by a core team of highly experienced illustrators who are well versed with the art of creating accurate design drawings that are cost –effective and that would minimize office actions. We used traditional as well as updated techniques to provide drawings that accurately indicate the form and shape of an invented article. Get your Design drawings done today from digital Suntech for smooth patent filing.