Patent Drawings & Illustration

Patent Drawings are the visual representation of the invention in the various fields like mechanical invention of any new physical part in computer, air conditioner or any other electronic device. It is important to get the patent so that any other person cannot steal your ideas, invention in the particular field. Patent Illustrations are very important in getting a patent and they are also one of the ways to describe the invention in detail. Digital Suntech deals in making different kinds of patent illustrations for every type of invention. Our drawings are customized as per the Patent and Trademark offices of various countries.

Our Services

  • Utility Drawings
  • Design Drawings
  • Medical Devices/ Biotechnology Drawings
  • Replacement Sheets
  • PCT Drawings
  • Drawings from webpage screen shots
  • Mechanical Drawings
  • Flow Charts
  • Drawings from rough sketches/ photographs/ AutoCAD/ Solidwork files
  • Complex Graphs
  • Scanned Images
  • E-filing ready files that can be uploaded to patent office website without any error
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Quality Assurance

All of the requested drawings are prepared as per the respective patent office requirement. In case there is some rework required because of our negligence, we assure all the required support with highest priority within one working day and we will keep you posted.

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