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Invention In Detail

Digital Suntech deals in making different kinds of patent illustrations for every type of invention.

Customized Drawings

Our drawings are customized as per the Patent and Trademark offices of various countries.

Comply With Rules

Proper Drawing Of The Novel Patent So The Concept And Purpose Can Be Conveyed Properly To The Law.

E- Filing Ready

We provide E- Filing ready files that can be uploaded to patent office website without any error.

Input Formats

We accept all possible Input formats(Sketches/ Photographs/ AutoCAD/ Solidworks files / Videos / Prototype/Screenshots)

Output Formats

We can provide all possible Output formats (Pdf, Ai, Cad, Dwg, Visio, Cdr)

Non Disclosure Agreement

You can download the Standard NDA from this link and can sign it by adding all your details.

Unlimited Iterations

Usually, no modifications in the drawings are required, but if they are, we will be happy to perform as many iterations as required until you’re satisfied with the Patent illustrations.
We are always interested in working on engaging projects.
Say hello, we’d love to hear from you.
You can download the Standard NDA from this link and can sign it by adding all your details.

How it works at Digital Suntech

Our Services


Utility Drawing


Design Drawings


Flow Charts/Graphs


Biotechnology/Medical Devices


Mechanical Drawings


E- Filing Ready Files

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Quality Assurance

All of the requested drawings are prepared as per the respective patent office requirement. In case there is some rework required, we assure all the required support with highest priority within one working day and we will keep you posted.

Customer Support

In case you have any query or need any assistance, please feel free to write us at with convenient day and time and we will call you accordingly.

Order Your Drawings

You can order your drawings by writing to us at

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“Excellent work! Payal is very professional and talented.”

“Professional drawings., Very responsive and cooperative”

“All around great work making patent illustrations!”


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