Patent Illustration Services

Patent illustration services play an important role in the patent application. Digital Suntech Patent Illustrations team is a group of illustrators, providing assistance to Law firms, Patent Agents, Legal Counsels, and in-house patent departments of companies worldwide. We provide professional Patent and Trademark drawings as per Indian Patent Office, USPTO and European patent office requirement. We can draw filing-ready drawings from the sketches, photographs, or other material to help you in filing your patent application or Trademarks without any objection from the patent & trademark office. We have very skillful and experience of almost 5+ years professionals to make these line art drawings. We have successfully completed more than 500 drawing projects for our IN, US, and EP clients in the past year. Digital Suntech is the best choice for patent illustration services


We provide various patent illustration services


Utility Drawings

It includes machines ( moving parts also), daily use articles like broom, softwares, etc or we can say that most of the Patents are utility Patents.


Design Drawings

When the things are finalised, these drawings can be used to communicate the brief of the invention and to develop the approved idea.


Flow Charts/Graphs

A flow chart is a diagrammatic representation of the sequence of movements showing how the task will be accomplished.


Biotechnology/Medical Devices

Patent filing is necessary for the newly invented biotechnology and the medical devices. Patent illustration of every component of the invention will be beneficial in order to understand the invention properly.


Mechanical Drawings

It is a complex form of drawing done using tools like compasses , T squares, etc. Such tools allows us to get an accurate drawing.


E- Filing Ready Files

We also provide E- Filing ready files that can be
uploaded to patent office website
without any error.

Turn Around Time

Simple drawings

Utility Drawings

2-3 working days

Upto 5 sheets

Design Drawings

2-3 Working Days

Upto 4 sheets

Moderately Complex drawings

Utility Drawings

3-5 working days

Upto 5 sheets

Design Drawings

4-5 Working Days

Upto 4 sheets

Complex Drawings

Turnaround time can be quoted only after the initial review of the provided reference materia

We accept all possible formats, Sketches/ Photographs/ AutoCAD/ Solidworks files / Videos / Prototype and Screenshots.

Pricing Models

Per Sheet

Simple Utility Drawings


Simple Design Drawings


Moderately Complex Utility Drawings


Moderately Complex Design Drawings


Trademark Drawings

Price will be quoted after first review

Your own offsite Patent illustrator (Full Time Equivalent)


Quality Assurance

All of the requested drawings are prepared as per the respective patent office requirement. In case there is some rework required because of our negligence, we assure all the required support with highest priority within one working day and we will keep you posted.

Customer Support

In case you have any query or need any assistance, please feel free to write us at [email protected] with convenient day and time and we will call you accordingly.

Order Your Drawings

You can order your drawings by writing to us at [email protected]